If you live in California, you likely look for more than one jaywalker consistently whether you are walking or driving. Chances are, in the event that you are strolling someplace, you may be the one jaywalking because literally, everyone else seems to do it. In the event that the streets appear to be clear, at that point trying to stroll to the closest crosswalk appears as though misuse of exertion and time when you can simply cross directly there. Tragically, there are laws against jaywalking specifically on account of how unsafe it is for the pedestrian. However, the inquiry remains, if a person on foot is struck by a driver while they are jaywalking, would they be able to at present get to compensation for the accident?

The short and easy answer? Like usual, it is a maybe.

The duty of Care Required By Drivers and Pedestrian

By California law, both driver and pedestrian are required to practice a specific obligation of consideration that can be at play in these cases. Drivers are required to respect the option to proceed of people on foot at both checked and plain crosswalks at convergences. They are expected upon to reduce speed when moving toward convergence with potential pedestrians and take alert for any crossings. Unfortunately, there are times when the driver can’t spot a pedestrian, and this becomes more likely when a pedestrian is jaywalking.

Additionally, the pedestrian is relied upon to take a similar obligation of consideration by not leaving the check and walking into oncoming traffic. Doing as such puts their safety at risk but the safety of the driver as well. Making an unexpected stop even at a crosswalk is dangerous when driving with even light other traffic as the driver can cause other car collisions attempting to stay away from the pedestrian.

In truth, this duty of care still reaches out to jaywalking by the two parties. In any case, as the pedestrian was jaywalking, it frequently restrains their capacity to get remuneration for the accident. However, the pedestrian isn’t without alternatives. In the event that the driver was also behaving badly, compensation can still be recovered.

Jaywalking pedestrian can still recover compensation if the driver was:

  • Speeding
  • Intoxicated
  • Distracted Driving

Shockingly, the majority of the above can sporadically be hard to demonstrate without the help of a gifted legal counselor.

As a near carelessness express, the segment that the jaywalking person on foot can be set to blame will be deducted from the compensation they can get. For example, if a pedestrian who was jaywalking was deemed to be around 50 percent at fault for an accident with a driver that was speeding, they can only recover 50 percent of the damages awarded by the court.

This means regardless of whether you were jaywalking, you can still recover some compensation in the event that you were hit by a motorist. In any case, it likewise implies that you probably won’t recuperate all the pay that you have to cover your doctor’s visit expenses. Thus, it is truly best on the off chance that you simply endeavor to stroll to the nearest crossing. Being hit by a car is pretty traumatic, but if you have to be hit by a car, you should at least be able to recover full compensation for it because you were both following the law and exercising your duty of care as a pedestrian.

Need Help?

Were you one of California’s many jaywalking pedestrians that just, sadly, happened to be struck by a car? As you were accomplishing something illegal, you may think your choices for recovering compensation basically don’t exist. However, that isn’t true at all. Contact Best Lawyers In California today so we can look over your case. Come see how the Law Office of CA Workers’ Comp Attorneys can help you get the compensation that you deserve from a traumatic pedestrian accident.


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