Tell Us Everything Regarding Your Past

Injured workers should follow some basic rules:

  • Tell the truth regarding your past medical history

  • Prior & current injuries, work history

  • Daily living activities

  • Follow daily activities that are consistent with your injuries

  • Activities you’ve told the doctor you are able to do with and without medication

  • Activities you’ve do slower, or not at all,Video may be taken of you at any time of the day.

Do The Things As Suggested

Don’t work at the same time you are collecting temporary total disability because you are supposed to be DISABLED.Nobody can expect you to starve, but if you are recycling, for example, make sure you tell your doctor/attorney. At some point you may be sent back to work part time by your doctor.Your attorney CAN’T get you justice, only disability $benefits. If you are mad at the Work Comp system, get mad at the governor or state legislature, your attorney didn’t make the laws. You will not get rich off Work Comp $dollars, you will get 2/3 of your wages and may face eviction, or lose your house and wife. Benefits are lousy and medical care can be good/fair/bad. 
You will need to go back to work, retire, find another employer or wealthy partner, or some other means of support, Pain only has a 0-3% “add on” to disability rates, disability is based on “activities of dailing living and impairment”, not much can be done about pain, you will not be getting pain medication forever, you will have to live with it one way or another.If you get injured on the job tell your employer immediately, get medical treatment (even if you have to pay for it yourself), and create a paper trail. If you quit your job before making a claim the insurance company will defend based upon a “post termination defense”.
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